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Inclusive Student-Centered STEM Teaching and Learning Resources

Dedicated to perpetual learning and improvement, this platform serves as a repository for educational resources designed to enrich both faculty teaching and students' experience as learners.


Learn about resources curated by the BETTER in STEM project on their website: BETTER in STEM Website

Building Educational Theory Through Enacting Reforms,  (BETTER) in STEM: The National Science Foundation has funded a $3 million collaborative research project across three institutions to embed the use of equitable, student-centered instructional strategies within undergraduate STEM courses and departments. The project leaders at WWU are Dr. Dan Hanley, Dr. Emily Borda, and Shannon Warren, who work within the Science, Mathematics, and Technology Education (SMATE) program.

For more information about the BETTER in STEM project, please contact Dr. Dan Hanley at: hanleyd@wwu.edu

Presentation of Work 

The following links highlight work related to inclusive teaching and learning in undergraduate STEM:

Faulty and Staff Presentations 

Cases for Inclusion

EID Toolkit

About The Toolkit

This digital toolkit includes curated resources and information for faculty to support access, equity, inclusion and diversity (EID) in SMATE programs and courses. The toolkit was prepared by Emily Borda, Thanh Le, Whitney Morrison, and Debi Hanuscin in summer 2022.


What we are reading....

Recommended books on inclusive teaching and learning in STEM: 

Fall 2023-

Book cover: The Norton Guide to Equity-Minded Teaching Book

Book Club

Interested in joining SMATE book discussions?  Contact Shannon Warren for more information.  

For a list of SMATE Book Club books, visit this document.

Contact Information

For further information or suggestions for resources to add, please contact us:

Emily Borda- Director of SMATE, bordae@wwu.edu

Shannon Warren- Director of STEM Faculty Development and k12 Partnerships, shannon.warren@wwu.edu

Whitney Morrison- Facilities, Collections and Technology Manger, houckw@wwu.edu

Funding Information

This work was funded through the National Science Foundation

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Better in Stem: NSF Award # DUE-2111613

Change at the Core (C-Core) : NSF Award # DUE-1347711


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Advancing Excellence and Equity in Science (AEES)

Funded through the Howard Hughes Medical Institute Inclusive Excellence (HHMI-IE) initiative

Grant # 52008724