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Our vision is to be a national model for effective recruitment and preparation of future elementary and secondary teachers. The mission of SMATE is to improve teaching and learning of science, mathematics, engineering, and computer science by all and for all. We accomplish this through teaching, research, professional development, and partnerships with people and communities in the university, the state, the region and throughout the world. Ultimately we expect to see the results of our work in the healthy and socially just communities around us. 


Our work is guided by the following values and beliefs: 

  • Everyone can learn and should be provided the opportunity to learn science, technology and computer science, engineering, and mathematics.
  • Literacy in these STEM disciplines can contribute to addressing our society’s most challenging needs, problems, and questions.
  • STEM disciplines are human endeavors and must be critically examined through the lens of the human contexts that shape them.
  • Equitable and inclusive classrooms that leverage the diverse experiences, perspectives, and cultural assets of all members are essential for learning.
  • Collaboration within and across disciplines helps us learn and builds our capacity to meet the needs of our students and our broader society.
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Department Office - SL 220


FAX: 360-650-7588

Office & Resource Center Hours

Monday - Friday; 8:00am-5:00pm

Emily Borda


Dr. Emily Borda, Director of SMATE



Shannon Warren

Shannon Warren smiling

Director of Faculty Development & K-12 STEM Partnerships


(360) 650-3373

Dan Hanley

Dan Hanley in a bright green puffy jacket on a sunny day outdoors

Director of STEM Education Research & Evaluation


(360) 650-4683

Lori Torres

Lori Torres grinning in front of a computer screen

Program Manager


(360) 650-7605

Whitney Morrison

Whitney Morrison (right) and daughter (left)

Facilities, Collections and Technology Manger and Senior Instructor


(360) 650-3647