Teaching Assistant Program

Students applying to the Bellingham MIT program are able to apply for a graduate teaching assistant (TA) position. In general, SMATE TAs assist with the SCED undergraduate courses.  SMATE TAs receive either a full or partial tuition waiver and a living stipend, and work either full or half time (20 or 10 hours a week).

Who is eligible for TA positions?

Graduate students in the MIT Science Education programs are eligible to apply for graduate teaching assistantships in SMATE.

What do TA's do in the Science Education Program?

TA's assist faculty in Science Education 20X series courses, grading and tutoring students. TA's are also an integral part of the the Slesnick STEM Education Resource Center and may be required to set up interactive displays and help with check-in and check-out of materials.

How should I contact about a TA position?

Contact SMATE Director Emily Borda, indicating your interest and qualifications.