Computer Science Secondary Education BAE

Why Teach Computer Science?

There is a demand for qualified computer science teachers at the secondary level, but there is an even greater need for quality computer science teachers — teachers who have a broad and deep understanding of computer science, and a thorough understanding of effective learning and teaching.

How will this major work?

This program is designed to provide exposure to the breadth of topics required to satisfy K6-12 students’ curiosity about how computers and technology, now so central to daily life, actually work, and how students can personally leverage the learned knowledge to create their own futures. Since knowing computer science alone is not enough to be an effective, inspiring, and inclusive teacher, this major also includes coursework and field experience in the theory and methods of pedagogical content knowledge. This major both employs and creates emerging research on best-practices in computer science education.


This major must be accompanied by the professional preparation program in secondary education offered through Woodring College of Education.

What classes will I need to take?

Course Sequence Chart:

Course Sequence Chart

Full BAE Requirements:


What should be my first steps?

  1. Get a C- or better in CSCI 141
  2. Talk to the CS-BAE advisors (Caroline Hardin or Qiang Hao) to map out a personalized course sequence chart.

How do I declare?

Students are advised to declare the pre-major as soon as they are enrolled in CSCI 145 by contacting the Program Coordinator [Caroline Hardin ( and Qiang Hao (] for Advising and completing the pre-major application. Transfer students should seek advising immediately upon transfer to Western.

This major must be accompanied by the professional preparation program in secondary education and leads to an endorsement in secondary computer science. To be eligible for admission to the Woodring College of Education, prospective students are required to complete two computer science courses (CSCI 141 and CSCI 145) and earn a C- or above in CSCI 145. See the Secondary Education section of this catalog for program admission, completion, and teacher certification requirements.