Who to turn to at SMATE

Quick Reference
Topic Student worker Lori Whitney  Emily
Advising   primary   backup
Advertising help   x x  
AV Issues   backup primary  
Copies primary x x  
Equipment/Supplies for Classes   backup primary  
Grant Support - Budgets     x  
Grant Support – Purchasing   primary backup  
Parking   x x  
Safety     x  
Scheduling   backup primary  
SMATE Scholarships   x    
SMATE Social Media   x    
SMATE Website     x  
Student Worker Projects   x x  
TA issues     x  
Textbook/Coursepack   primary    
Travel   x    

There are several things you can do:

  • Put hardcopies in an inbox at the student worker’s desk (by the front door to the LRC).  Be sure to include your name, course, number of copies, and special instructions (like double-sided or stapled).  
  • Email the document to both Lori and Whitney. That way if one isn’t in that day the other can make sure it gets done.  
  • Add Lori to your Canvas course and make a special folder/module for copies. Discuss with Lori a schedule for checking the folder and making copies.  Make sure you include copy instructions (#, color/B&W, stapled, double-sided, etc.) in the folder.

FYI:  Each class has a unique copy code programmed into the copy machine.  The copy code we use is the CRN for the course. Ask Lori for your copy code if you would like to make copies yourself.


Whitney handles the computers and AV issues in the classrooms, but if she’s not around Lori is also quite good at troubleshooting issues.

Whitney coordinates supplies for the courses and can place an order for you, but Lori is also completely capable and happy to help if you have class related ordering.

Whitney deals with equipment issues so let him know that you are having a problem.

Whitney can help you or organize a student worker to help with this.  If Whitney isn’t here don’t hesitate to ask Lori for this kind of help.


Lori deals with the bookstore and handles all textbook/coursepack ordering and communicates with the Bookstore about your students’ Bookstore related needs.

Whitney schedules and coordinates the TA’s.  If you have questions or are having issues please let her know.

Scheduling a meeting/event/ workshop

The conference room is available for meetings (either one time, or recurring) and can accommodate about 14 people.  To schedule it we use a shared calendar on Outlook, the res.rm.SL260 calendar.  You should have access to this calendar, but if you don’t Lori can help you set up access.  Once you have access you can look at the room availability. If the conference room is free when you want to schedule your meeting, simply include the following email address in the outlook invitation as a required attendee:  res.rm.SL260@wwu.edu.  Both Lori and Whitney have the authority to accept these requests. 

After courses have been scheduled for the year, Whitney schedules the remaining spaces at SMATE and can help you schedule a room for an event or workshop.  If Whitney isn’t available Lori can help as well.

SMATE Student workers

There are usually 4 – 6 student workers who work at SMATE’s front desk running the library check out system, making copies, and performing various other tasks.  These students are available to help with projects.  Please let Lori or Whitney know about the project you need help with, and they will coordinate with a student worker to make sure it is successfully completed.


Lori does the advising for General Science (elementary and middle-level) majors.  Emily can also help with advising related questions or inquiries.

For students in a secondary endorsement program, advising is shared between the science department (usually SMATE faculty members in whatever department(s) the student is getting an endorsement in) and the Secondary Ed program in Woodring.  Usually, SMATE faculty advise students on their pre-Woodring program and help them interface with Woodring faculty and staff on applying to and organizing their course of study in the secondary department.  Emily still advises BAE chem/physics, chem/biology, and chem/math majors.  Erin will likely be onboarded into this advising role in Fall 2021.  A good advising practice is to send students to Janna Cecka after advising them on their pre-Woodring program.  Janna can help with questions about the Woodring part.

Class Scheduling

Lori coordinates the initial draft of the teaching schedule for the SCED classes with help from Emily.  SMATE faculty then meet to discuss and rearrange as necessary. This usually happens in Jan-Feb.  If you have questions about your teaching schedule or need to make a change see Emily.


Dial 911 or 3911 (campus dispatch) for emergency, 3555 (campus police) for non-emergency situations or ask Whitney or Lori for first aid related help.  If there is an emergency let Whitney, Lori, or Emily know so that we can help you and/or direct emergency personnel to the right location.  There are small first aid kits in each classroom and a much larger one in Whitney’s office.  If there is an incident the University requires you to fill out an Accident Report form.  Whitney can help you with that process.

In case of an emergency event at SMATE (fire, etc.), leave the building as quickly and safely as possible. Emily, Whitney and Lori all have specific roles in clearing the building and ensuring everyone’s safety.

In case of an active shooter event, secure the doors to the room you are in as much as you can, turn off the lights, and get to a place in the room where you will not be easily seen.  Help your students do this also, if you are teaching.  Please see the University Police Website for WWU’s policies, procedures, and training regarding active shooter events.


If you are planning to travel and a SMATE budget will be covering some or all of your costs, Fill out a Pre-Travel Authorization form as soon as you know about the travel and send it to Lori.  Lori can help you fill out the proper Pre-trip travel authorization (TA) and submit reimbursements after your travel.  Please wait for Lori to notify you of TA approval before you book flights or pay for conference registration.  Lori can also help you with booking flights and making hotel reservations using her P-card (University credit card). You may also make your own arrangements and get reimbursed later, but either way your TA has to be approved first.  The only exception is using your credit card to hold a hotel room.  If there is no associated monetary transaction, this can be done before TA approval.

Grant Support

  • As soon as you know you are going to be submitting a grant proposal, call or email Tracy Finch.  She will help you get a proposal routing form going and can help you with internal deadlines, creating your budget, and other pre-award activities.
  • Whitney does budget oversight for all SMATE grant budgets.  She can also help you develop a budget for a grant that you are applying for, or help you effectively track your budget if you have a grant funded through SMATE.
  • Lori or Whitney can both help with any purchasing you need to make for your grants.
  • Lori handles all PA’s/Stipends for grants as well as all travel authorizations and expenditures.
  • If your grant includes professional development workshops, Lori with the student workers’ help can help you with PD logistics (copying, catering, stipends, parking, room set-up, etc.)


We have two reserved spaces in 9G that can be used for visitor’s short-term parking.  Please let Lori or Whitney know if you would like to reserve one of the spaces and the request will be updated on a shared calendar. Unauthorized vehicles that are not on the schedule may be ticketed $75.


SMATE offers both academic year and summer research scholarships.

If you or your students have questions about SMATE scholarships they can talk to either Emily, Lori or Whitney.

Website/ Social Media

This SMATE website is edited and managed by Whitney.  If you would like content added for your classes or if you have items of interest please email them to Whitney.


Lori edits the SMATE Facebook page.  Please contact her about content for that page.

Resource Library

Whitney manages the Resource Library and stockroom at SMATE.  Day to day operations are run by the SMATE student workers.  If there are resources (book, periodicals, supplies, equipment) that you think the resource library or stockroom should have, please let Whitney know.  Please promote using the resource library and stockroom in your classes.  Whitney, the student workers, and Lori can all help you locate a resource.

You can search the resources in our system through the SMATE Resource Center portal.


Both Lori and Whitney have experience creating fliers, informational handouts, brochures, and other forms of print advertising.  Either would be happy to help you if you have an advertising related need.