What is this class about?

SCED 481 introduces students to the profession of secondary science teaching, and builds community among future science educators.  This course is required for anybody planning to become a secondary science teacher, but is open to anybody who meets the prerequisites, including those who are dabbling with the idea of a teaching career.  We study how to help students develop accurate views of what science is, including the types of questions science can answer, how science differs from other disciplines, and the strengths and limitations of scientific knowledge. Since this introductory course is only two credit hours it will fit easily in most student schedules.

Goals of the SCED 481:

  • to develop a better understanding of the nature of science
  • to explore current research on how people learn
  • to become acquainted with the Next Generation science standards and their role in science education
  • to become well-versed on the research, and practices, that support effective science teaching and learning in inclusive classrooms

Learning Progressions for SCED 481


Prerequisites: Chem 163 or Chem 225 or Geol 212 or Biol 206 or Phys 163, or permission of instructor.  Admission to Woodring is not required, and students can take the course at any time after they have completed an introductory science sequence (this prerequisite can sometimes be flexible as well, for a student who has, say, completed three introductory science courses but not in a sequence).