Tra Huynh , Ph.D.

Assistant Professor she/her/hers

Educational & Professional Experience

Postdoctoral Scholar -- University of Washington Bothell (2021-2022)

Ph.D. Physics -- Kansas State University (2020)

B.A. Physics Teacher Education -- Ho Chi Minh City University of Education, Vietnam (2015)

Recent Publications

Recent publications 

T. Huynh, A. D. Robertson & R. E. Scherr. “Physics teachers’ conceptions of equity: Access and Achievement.” Frontiers in Education-STEM Education, Feb 2023. Available here.

C. Mathis, A. R. Daane, B. Rodriguez, J. Hernandez, and T. Huynh, “How instructors can view knowledge to implement culturally relevant pedagogy,” Phys. Rev. Phys. Educ. Res., vol. 19, p. 010105, Feb 2023. Available here

T. Huynh, K. Gray, L. C. Bauman, J. Hernandez, L. Seeley, and R. Scherr, “Physics teachers integrating social justice with science content,” in Physics Education Research Conference 2022, PER Conference, (Grand Rapids, MI), pp. 249–254, July 13-14 2022. Available here.

J. Hernandez, J. Skiba, M. German, R. Scherr, T. Huynh, C. Mathis, and M. Araya, “Exploring sociopolitical landscapes in physics education,” Sustainability and Climate Change, vol. 15, no. 4, pp. 279–288, 2022. Available here.

S. El-Adawy, T. Huynh, M. B. Kustusch, and E. C. Sayre, “Context interactions and physics faculty’s professional development: Case study,” Physical Review Physics Education Research, vol. 18, no. 2, p. 020104, 2022. Available here.

A. T. Alesandrini, T. Huynh, L. C. Bauman, and A. Robertson, “Identifying student resources for reasoning microscopically about heat and temperature,” in Physics Education Research Conference 2022, PER Conference, (Grand Rapids, MI), pp. 37–43, July 13-14 2022. Available here.

T. Huynh, L. C. Bauman, A. D. Robertson, and R. E. Scherr, “Physics teachers’ framings of the relationship between equity and antiracism,” in Physics Education Research Conference Proceedings, 2021* Notable paper. Available here.

T. Huynh, A. Madsen, S. McKagan, and E. Sayre, “Building personas from phenomenography: a method for user-centered design in education,” Information and Learning Sciences, 2021. Available here.

*Updated Feb 2023. See my website for a more complete publication list.