Robyn Dahl , PhD

Assistant Professor

Educational & Professional Experience

Ph.D. - University of California, Riverside (2015)

M.S. - University of California, Riverside (2012)

B.A. - Oberlin College (2007)

Recent Publications

Dahl, R.M. (2018) Student-centered teaching in paleontology and geoscience classrooms. Elements of Paleontology. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. doi: 10.1017/9781108681483

Petcovic, H.L., J. Cervenec, K. Cheek, R. Dahl and N. Price. (2018) Research on elementary, middle, and secondary earth and space sciences teacher education. In St. John, K. (ed.) Community Framework for Geoscience Education Research. National Association of Geoscience Teachers. doi: 10.25885/ger_framework/4

Dahl, R.M. and Droser, M.L. (2016) Building an effective and affordable K-12 geoscience education outreach program from the ground up: A simple model for universities. Journal of Geoscience Education, 64(1):5-16, doi: 10.5408/15-100.1

Luque, J., Agic, H., Anderson, E.P., Dahl, R., Donovan, M., Field, D.J., Fronimos, J.A., Hodges, M., Motz, G.J., Roney, R., Saupe, E.E., Sheffield, S., Tackett, L., Tashman, J.N. and Wawrzyniak, Z. (2015) Diversity in all its forms: IPC4 as an invaluable opportunity for STEPPE grant recipients. GSA Today, 25(1):24-25.

Tarhan, L.G., Droser, M.L., Haddad, E., Dahl, R.M., Hancock, L., Henry, S.E., Joel, L.V., Solon, C.M. and Thomson, T.J. (2014) Seafloor colonization in the earliest Paleozoic: Evidence from the Cambrian of Death Valley. Proceedings of the Death Valley Natural History Association.

Research Interests

  • Invertebrate marine paleoecology
  • Early Paleozoic (Ordovician) gastropods
  • Geoscience Education