Every Day Every Child (EDEC)

Every Day, Every Child: A Partnership for Research with Elementary Math and Science Instructional Specialists is an exploratory research project to understand and categorize instructional specialist models in mathematics and science; investigate the content knowledge, preparation and needs of teachers in these roles; determine the instructional effectiveness of instructional specialists; and determine the impact of instructional specialists on student learning and attitudes towards mathematics and science. This research will contribute to the knowledge base by providing a characterization of models of instructional specialization in mathematics and science at the elementary level. By investigating models of implementation, factors that influence implementation, preparation of teachers as instructional specialists, and their effectiveness at the classroom level, the results of this study will identify conditions under which the adoption of a specialist model is effective, which will be shared with educators across the country, both in higher-education and at the elementary level.

For more information visit the project website or contact:

Kim Markworth, Principal Investigator, email:  Kimberly.Markworth@wwu.edu
Chris Ohana, Co-Principal Investigator, email: Chris.Ohana@wwu.edu